KAM Plus Spec Sheet


The Kantronics KAM PLUS is compatible with PACTERM 98 operating software, which allows simultaneous dual-port, split mode operation in the Windows® 95/NT/98 operating environment.

KAM Plus was designed to fill many different roles, but the world of digital operations is constantly changing.  Kantronics engineers have designed KAM Plus to accept firmware and memory upgrades, so that your KAM Plus is ready for future uses that may develop. The Kantronics KAM Plus is a versatile multi-mode communicator engineered for years of dependable performance. Kantronics has been a pioneer in digital communications, taking care to listen to the suggestions of digital operators, like you.

Specifications—Kantronics KAM PLUS Data Communicator

Dimensions (HWD) 1.3" x 6.4" x 8.2" or 33 mm x 162 mm x 208 mm (w/o projections)
Weight 2.5 lbs. or 1.1 kg (approx.)
Power Req. 9VDC ~ 5VDC, 260 mA (max) 160 mZ (idle)
Power Plug Coaxial, center pin positive 2.1 mm
Ext. Connection Ports DB-9 female (VHF radio port); DB-25 female (computer/data terminal); 8 pin DIN (HF radio port), power
Watchdog timer Approx. 2.5 minutes (jumper setting option)
External Carrier Detect Pulldown to ground
Data Rate–HF Port 45 ~ 300 bps
Data Rate--VHF Port 1200 bpx
PTT Output Open drain, +50 VDC max
FSK Output Open drain, +50 VDC max
Audio Output Continuously adjustable 1 mv p-p ~ 5 mv p-p
    Drive Level (lo) HF: 20 ~ 400 mv    VHF: 2 ~ 60 mv
    Drive Level (hi) HF: 200 mv ~ 4 v    VHF: 40 mv ~ 4 v
    Output Impedance 600W AC coupled
    HF Modulation Up to 300 bps FSK, programmable MARK/SPACE tones
    VHF Modulation 1200 bps FSK (Bell 202 ~ 1200/2200 HZ standard) CCITT v.23 optonal by cutting trace at K18
Audio Input  
   Sensitivity HF:  FM 2 mv; AM 40 mv  VHF: 4 mv
   Dynamic Range HF: >75dB; VHF: 73dB
   Input Impedance 10kW or 620W user selectable by jumper
   Max input voltage HF:±12VDC; 35 vpp VHF:±12VDC
LED Indicators Power, Xmit, Rcv, Connected, Status, Mail,
Tuner Centering Bar, Xmit, Lock/Con, Val/Sta
Remote Control Access All controller functions, user defined password
Reset Keyboard or jumper placement
Compliance FCC Class B; Europe—CE Conformity

KAM PLUS is protected by an one year warranty to the original owner.

A Quick Reference Guide to Kantronics Data Controllers

  High Speed Dual Port Packet HF & VHF Paging Monitor GPS Ops APRS® Ops K-Net 9v battery option
KPC-3+     Yes     Yes Yes Yes Yes
KPC-9612+ Yes Yes Yes Yes (opt) Yes Yes Yes Yes  
KAM+   Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes    
KAM98     Yes Yes   Yes Yes    
Explore New Modes
If you haven't tried GTOR™, PACTOR, or other HF text modes, KAM PLUS can open new worlds of operating enjoyment.  Copy NAVTEX bulletings and monitor communications with ships or aircraft.  Download WEFAX weather maps (requires optional software) for up-to-the-
minute information.  Receives, decodes and sends Morse Code from your computer!  Can also be used for code practice, generating random characters.

GPS Compatible
Connect a GPS to KAM PLUS (NMEA-0183 format required) and beacon your position to others.  Great for mobile and marine operators.  KAM'9 is engineered to work with APRS® geolocating software and supports advanced UI frame digipeating functions.

HF and/or VHF Operation
KAM PLUS is flexible in that it can be used on HF or VHF/UHF bands.   With Pacterm 98, both ports can be active under different windows and in different modes!

Large Capacity Internal Mailbox
100k personal mailbox is standard, expandable with optional 512k memory chip.  Free Signal Detection supports HF e-mail function, a popular feature with many marine operators.  Mailbox can respond to HF calls on TOR modes as well as packet.

Remote Access and Remote Control
KAM PLUS can be remotely accessed and controlled with user defined password protection. 

Versatile Operations
Use your KAM Plus at home,in the field, mobile or marine.  works with base, mobile, and hand-held radios.

Internal Help
HELP command gives a brief description of parameter settings.

Detailed Manual
Reference manual provides help with getting started, setting parameters and operating the many different modes of the KAM Plus.


KAM PLUS Options:

  • 120VAC to 12VDC power cube
  • 512k memory expansion chip
  • Hardware Single Port (HSP) cable
  • Pacterm 98™ program for Windows 95/NT/98®
  • Superfax 2™ WEFAX software

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