IC-775DXII with QS1R
Dato:22/3-2023   Annonse nr. 26642

I have for sale IC-775DXII 200W with SDR QS1R. Great radio!
Comes with with microphone, power cable, manual.
Filter installed as additional: FL-101: 250Hz, FL-102: 6 kHz, FL-223: 1,9 kHz, FL-53A: 250 Hz, FL-222: 1,9 kHz, INRAD roofing filter
Incl. SDR receiver QS1R
Transceiver has special SDR output for QS1R. The QS1R can be used as a panoramic indicator and additional receiver.

Pris: kr 30.000,-
Registrert av: ES7GN, Arne, es7gnn@gmail.com Tlf: +3725267072,

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