DS213 MINI DSO 4 Channel 100MS/S DSO213 Nano Quad Digital Oscilloscope Kit
Dato:3/1-2021   Annonse nr. 24731

DS213 is a "5-track, 4-wave line" digital storage oscilloscope for general-purpose electronic engineering task and it is based on ARM Cortex M3 core. DS213 uses FPGA to manage external ADC's control and data cache mode. It provides 4 application partitions for loading and upgrading up to 4 different application firmware. It also has built-in 8MB USB flash drive for storing waveforms and upgrading system firmware. The oscilloscope code application layer is open source, and users can develop oscilloscope firmware according to their needs.

Pris: 2.000,-
Registrert av: LA9CPA, Rolf Ørland, rolf.orland@lyse.net Tlf: 45510822,

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